What should I expect at my first visit to a new dentist?

You can expect a friendly and welcoming, pain-free visit to the dentist. Your comfort is our priority. We will do a comprehensive exam and usually take x-rays then discuss your priorities and questions so that we can address your main concerns to tailor the treatment plan specific to you.

What should I look for when finding the right dentist for me?

It is important that you find a dentist you trust to provide the best care possible for you. We stay up to date with technology so that we are able to treat you with the highest quality care in the safest way possible. We also try not to let finances or insurance dictate our treatment of your dental needs-we want to do what is best for you and your oral health.

Do you see patients of all ages?

YES! We are a family dental practice and find great joy in being your whole family's Castro Valley Dental Home. We see pediatric patients/children, adults, and seniors/elderly). We recommend children find a dental home around the age of 12 months (1 year old) so they are comfortable.

Do you take my insurance?

We accept most insurances and We are happy to bill your dental insurance plan on your behalf to help you maximize your benefits. Each dental insurance plan is unique; however, our knowledgeable treatment coordinator is happy to give you an estimate of what your plan may cover to help defray your out-of-pocket costs. Please contact us for more information about your dental insurance.

What are your other payment options?

We know healthcare can be expensive. We have several options to work with you to ensure that your dental and overall health are not compromised. Give us a call to discuss financing options and our kind team will gladly work out a good solution to get you the care you need!

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