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Even for patients who are diligent about their home care, it is not uncommon to need a tooth repaired or replaced at some point. If problems should arise with your smile, you can rest assured that Dr. Yuen will restore your teeth with only the finest dental materials so you will have strength and durability you can trust, and the aesthetics you want.

Dental Crowns in Castro Valley Restore Aesthetics and Function to Your Smile

When Dr. Yuen recommends a tooth crown, it is typically for these reasons:

  • For a decayed tooth that is more than a filling can repair
  • For a severely cracked, fractured, or broken tooth
  • To strengthen a tooth treated with root canal therapy
  • For a single tooth replacement for a dental implant
  • To cover chipping, discoloration, or other cosmetic imperfections

We design a crown to cover your entire tooth structure, fitting over your remaining tooth like a “cap.” Usually, we make it out of ceramic porcelain, which is customized to match your teeth and blend flawlessly with your smile. However, sometimes, gold is recommended for durability for molars at the back of your mouth that take the brunt of your biting force, and you won't see when you smile.

Dental Bridges Replace One or More Missing Teeth

A dental bridge can be a solution for replacing one or multiple missing teeth that are adjacent. Using a crown on each end as an anchor, an artificial tooth or teeth are placed in between to fill in the gap. A bridge is fixed, which means that we permanently place it, and it is not removable.

Your Castro Valley dentist also typically uses porcelain to create dental bridges that are seamless and complement your smile.

The Process for Completing a Tooth Crown or Dental Bridge

Whether you need a tooth crown or dental bridge to restore your smile, the process to complete your restoration is nearly the same. It will require two visits with Dr. Yuen and a couple of weeks to complete.

During your first appointment, Dr. Yuen gets your tooth ready for your new restoration, takes impressions of your teeth for the dental lab, and creates a temporary restoration for you to wear until we complete your final one.

A trusted dental lab will handcraft your restoration, which typically takes one to two weeks. When it’s ready, you’ll return to our dental office in Castro Valley to have it permanently placed and adjusted to fit your bite correctly. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of eating and smile with your newly restored teeth!

How Can I Get Started?

If you have a tooth that needs repair or replacement, it’s a good idea to consider treatment as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your smile. Contact Castro Valley Dental Home today at (510) 886-3888 for more information and to schedule your dental appointment.

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